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Still at work

I am still at work, and it is approaching 7:00pm. Why? Because I am printing stuff that is taking longer than I expected, should be done in about 20 minutes though. I played a computer game with Matt at lunch today, which was cool, actually taking a lunch to do something exciting. I am a little bored right now though, waiting for this silly printer, but it is the same as being bored at home, I guess. I think I will have enough hours by Friday to take the day off, and still have my 40 hours in, since I worked 11 hours yesterday, and am going on 12 today. I need to leave in time for Frisbee on Thursday though. I need to get my oil changed on Friday too, so that is a good reason to take off, I suppose.

Great, the printer just thought it had a paper jam (it didn't), there goes another 5 minutes.

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