What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Random Productive Day

Today started out slowly. Got up, showered, ate something, and did some work (work from the place that pays me). I got tired of trying to fix my problem, so Travis and I went over to Bret's place to get out painting supplies back (and borrow some of his), headed over to Glen's to get my nail gun back, and borrow his wallpaper removing tool (and to look at his nice new Athlon 64). We then headed to the paint store to get... wait for it... paint. We got 5 gallons of paint (1 white trim, 1 beige trim, 2 wall yellow, and 1 wall green). Travis had picked up ceiling paint on Friday, so we were all set (we're going all out here). While at the paint store, we started trying to find a color for the living room/dining room. It looks like we are going with a red. My problem with red is normally that they are too orange, or too fire-engine red. We found really nice, deep red, that's red without being orange. Sadly, I think the paint is close to $40/gallon, but it's nice paint. We then went to pick up our resident painting expert and headed home.

Once home, Scott looked around, and immediately started caulking and recaulking stuff (it's really hard to see where you caulked when your caulk drys clear). Scott and I then took the unenviable task of starting the paint the ceiling. I apparently got drafted into being the guy standing on a couple of 2x4s strung between a step ladder resting on the staircase, and the landing above the staircase, while Scott was holding the ladder. Why did I get this job? I weigh the most of anyone that was around, but apparently I'm also the tallest. Anyway, I didn't get hurt (shocker), and if I must say so, I did and admirable job 'cutting in' the ceiling. Scott and I then continued to work on the ceiling, while Travis worked on removing the pocket door.

The pocket door is old, and we figured now was the time to replace it, since we were going to be painting. Travis proceeded to remove the trim from the door, then we removed the casing, and tried to swing out the pocket door. Turns out we goofed. The door we have swings out from the kitchen side (the room we painted 2 years ago). Great. We removed the trim from that side, easily removed the door, and inspected everything. The hardware looks good, so we oiled it up, and tested it, and it works great - we'll pick up a new door tomorrow.

After we got all cleaned up, I managed to get an 90 minute bike ride in. I felt really good about that, and am now 36% toward my goal of 20 hours in March. Granted, 40% of March has already passed, so I've got some catching up to do, but I am doing progressively longer rides, and not getting worn out, so it should be doable.

Now, I think I need a shower...

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