What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

The times they are a changing

This week has been a little trying. I've spent over 2 hours on the bike this week, and aside from a sore butt, I'm doing pretty good (in that part of my life). I actually adjusted my seat today, and it seemed to help. I still need to figure out why my toes get numb. I think I need to fiddle with the cleat position on the shoes.

Work has been challenging recently. Granted I like challenging. I'm not fond of getting behind (or at least perceptively behind) because of it. If I was only working on my main project, I'd be happy, but what are the chances of that ever happening?

I had to leave work a touch early today to head to the town hall to register Spencer. I think dog licensing is a waste of money, so I hadn't done it up until now, but apparently they are going to be going door-to-door starting in June to find out if your dog is licensed. I didn't want to pay the fine, so I paid the $8 licensing fee. The people at town hall were friendly enough, and I fond out that I'm limited to 3 domestic animals (dogs, cats, combinations of). I found this slightly odd, since I had 3 cats and a dog growing up (granted, it was in a different state). So, Spencer Riley Brown is now officially licensed in the State of New York, Town of Henrietta. Oh, and I found out I don't need a building permit for a patio. That's handy.

I am really tempted to put my summer tires on soon. There's no snow in the forecast for the next 2 weeks, but it's supposed to be cold. I wouldn't be surprised to see snow in April. I supposed if it snowed a lot, I could put the all-seasons back on (yeah, that'll never happen, who am I kidding).

I really need to find something profound, or at least interesting to say.

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