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Nearly terrible weekend.

Well, my weekend improved in quality only marginally after Friday, when my car went crunch. My dad and aunt drove up on Saturday to drop off my grandfather's car, since he doesn't use it, which I am thankful to have. It doesn't have quite the turning radius of my car though, which makes the parking garage an experience. I'm sure it won't be too bad once I actually get used to it.

Anyway, Saturday night we went to dinner and that was pretty good. Stayed up too late though. During the day we went to a park (Mendon Ponds) so that the dogs could run around, and get worn out. Travis and I tossed the Frisbee around and also got worn out. It was a nice day though, so I can't really complain. When I finally got home on Saturday evening I read a bit, watched some football (which had been TiVo'd) and slept, pretty well.

I got up early Sunday, and drove down to Travis' so that my aunt could get everything out of the car. My dad and aunt left around 10 or so, which left me Hung around with Travis and Jennie a bit, and watched Charlie's Angels. Not a bad movie, well, actually, it was pretty bad, I won't be watching it again. After the movie I went home and did nothing for a bit, except watch the rain. Travis stopped by after putting Jennie on a plane, and we watched some TV. He left shortly thereafter because Jennie didn't get on a plane. I then vacuumed the car, and it looks better now, and doesn't smell like a wet dog. I had a steak and potato for dinner last night. Pretty good stuff. Read some more and went to bed early. Hopefully today will improve in quality (aka, I won't have another car wrecked).

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