What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

And now for something completely profound

Below is a boring post.

I've now spent close to a week with my new machine, and like all computer adventures, it's had it's ups and downs.  The first thing I did when I got it was to format the hard drive, and install a fresh copy of XP.  This had the side affect of removing the 'hidden' Dell partition with the recovery OS.  I wasn't too concerned, I've installed enough operating systems to not worry.  Windows installed without a hitch, and I booted up, and low and behold, there's no network.  Hmph.  Not having a network, or a floppy drive certainly makes getting drivers more difficult.  I managed to find the wired and wireless ethernet drivers on Dell's site without much hassle, and burned a CD with all of 5MB on it, and installed the software on my laptop. 

Everything was nice and speedy and working pretty flawlessly until Wednesday morning.  I opened up the PC, and it came back long enough to reboot.  I turned it back on, and it rebooted 3 minutes later.  Looking at the event logs only provided enough information to tell me that it had crashed (thanks).  The continued for a while, before a caught the driver crashing to be dne2000.sys.  Google told me this was a file related to the Cisco VPN client.  Ok, I thought.  I went to the company intranet, and got a newer version of the client.  This seemed to have fixed my problem until I actually tried to establish a VPN connection, where it would reboot every time.

*Sigh*  Not having VPN capabilities wasn't the end of the world, but it wasn't nice either.  I disabled my firewall to no avail.  I reinstalled the VPN client to no avail.  I uninstalled the firewall software and voila, it worked!  I installed the firewall software again and it prompted me to tell me that it was going to uninstall the Cisco VPN client firewall because of incompatibilities.  Lovely; they tell you this when you install the VPN client first, but not 2nd.

So, everything seems to be working pretty well now.  Everything is still speedy.  The 1GB of memory does hurt, and neither does the 17" screen.  Ok, that doesn't make it faster, but it certainly makes it prettier.

Now, if I could just figure out why hibernate doesn't work.


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