What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Friday Five

1. How did you learn about yesterday's bombings in London?
My cable modem was down yesterday morning, so I turned on the TV to check to see if cable was still working, and I saw it.  I then got in my car, and as usual, listened to the news on the way to work, and got more details

2. Do you have any personal connections to the area?
I know 2 people that live in London, and some coworkers were there on business.

3. Do you use public transportation?
Only when I'm in a city that actually has decent public transportation

4. Have you ever let threats of terrorism change the way that you live each day?
No, though my life has changed because of it (airport security, travel restrictions, etc).

5. If you could say something directly to the person or group responsible for this tragedy, what would you say?
No clue.  I don't think the people doing these sorts of things would listen to anything I have to say.
Tags: friday five, london

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