What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Denver Update #1

We arrived in Denver pretty much on time, no luggage was lost, and although we had to run between planes in Chicago, because the flight from Rochester to Chicago was delayed by 30 minutes, we still managed to make the flight. Saturday was pretty much a wash, recovering from the flight, going out to dinner, and just relaxing, catching up with Ed and doing some reading.

Sunday we headed down to Seven Falls (where I haven't been before) [more info], and hiked up a boatload of stairs, which was made even more challenging because of the altitude. We then hiked up the stairs next to the falls to get a closer look at the falls. We got to the top of the falls and found a gigantic Ponderosa Pine. We found a nice hiking trail at the top of the falls, which gave impressive views, including an spectacular view of Colorado Springs.

From there, we went to The Garden of the Gods, where we did some more hiking, saw some rock climbers, a rattlesnake and an cool view of Pike's Peak. Oh and there was this tree. We then came home and crashed.
Tags: denver, pictures, vacation

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