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I feel like Mario

I took homeowner 102 with Tony the last couple days. The upstairs toilet was leaking slightly, and also had an issue where it wouldn't shut off. So, we got a complete toilet repair kit and set to work. It was actually pretty painless, we didn't flood the bathroom or anything. So, we got it all back together and were trying to set up how much water drains before it shuts off, and Travis managed to pull the whole thing apart. Well, not the whole things, just the drain gasket. I managed to fix it though. While I was on my plumbing mission, the sink and tub were running slow. I poured drain cleaner down and the sink got slower, shattering all the laws of physics. That isn't exactly true, as the instructions indicated that might happen if something got loose and then got stuck further down. So, 2 days later, I broke out the old plunger and plunged, and plunged, and plunged, and then the sink drained. Cool, no more sink filling up while I wait for the water to get hot. Next step, the tub. I had also been pouring drain cleaner in that and after plunging a bit, nothing seemed to changed. We traced the problem to a poorly designed stopped that prevented the tub from draining faster than it filling up, even when open. After the stopper was removed, the drain works again.

It seems that Travis is going to Pittsburgh again this weekend, which means I will be bored again. Sigh. Nothing like being bored on a holiday weekend. I am sure I will find SOMETHING to do, it is just a matter of what.

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