What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Garbage Disposer and other nonsense

Eric told me about a deal on SlickDeals yesterday for a garbage disposer. Great, I thought, I already have a garbage disposer. It's not the best one, but it generally works. The day went on, and I found out that it's the Cadillac of disposers, the In Sink Erator Model 777ss. Consumer Reports gave it their best rating, save for the $200 price tag. Well, the deal was for $89. I went to the Home Depot website, and they were out of stock. Bummer. $110 off would have persuaded me to buy it. I read up on the internet, and found out that I could probably get my local HD store to price match the internet price. I went to the store after work, printout in hand, found the disposers, where I picked one up, and waited in line at the customer service counter. The lady price matched without much of a hassle, and I walked out of the store with a $200 disposer for $96. I installed it tonight, and must say, it's a very fine disposer; very quiet and I'm waiting to throw something down like coffee grounds, chicken bones, apple cores, plum seeds - whatever, it's supposed to do it all. It's a massive 1.0 HP, and quieter than my dishwasher. I love it.

* * *

The little ghosts and goblins last night were numbering about 50. Not a terrible number by any stretch of the imagination, but it worked. I sort of wish we had more kids around so I could do something like a haunted garage, or something like that.

* * *

My new boss offered me a bigger cube with more windows today (corner cube). I turned it down in order to give it to someone else, and I generally like where I'm sitting. I'm happy that I was offered it though.
Tags: home improvement, work

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