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Another Monday

It's Monday again here in Rochester, and it is a cloudy day. Looks like it will rain (a lot) this morning. Work is already busy this morning, which I guess is ok, I just have so much stuff to do anymore, and that is both good and bad. Hopefully this day will go by fast.

I had a busy weekend, which started with my haircut on Friday, and then I went to PA to visit the family, and show off Travis' new truck. Everyone seemed to like it, which is good. I got to drive it down, and most of the way back up.

Yesterday in the sports world was neither good nor bad. The Eagles lost, and so did Pete Sampras, which is bad, but the Bills lost, and the Packers won, which is good. The Eagles didn't look too great yesterday, but they actually managed to score a few points, and lost because of a bit of bad luck it seems.

Nothing too exciting this week. The house closing is on the 8th of Oct, I think, and that will be cool. I will need to paint a room before I move it (it is currently pink). I can't wait to move it, having my own house will be so very cool.

Ok, it has taken me almost 30 minutes to write this, maybe I will get some work done and do more updates later.

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