What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
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Back to it

First off, happy belated birthday to one of the most fascinating people I know. corto, hope you had a good one.

I left work a little early Friday to go home and clean, in anticipation of the family arriving. I got everything done in time for 3 rowdy dogs to show up. Fun. We went out to Thai for dinner, which was very good, came back and started preparing stuff for Saturday's dinner.

Saturday was 'Christmas with the family' Yes, we're a little late, but this is the first time we were all able to get together. I stuffed a frozen turkey and threw it in the oven, and let the thing cook. Around 5pm, we got everything else ready and had a nice dinner. If I say so myself, it was one very moist turkey. Dinner was a little unusual this time though, in that we had an equal number of woman and men. Steve, Joan, Carley, Travis, Lisa, Me, Jean, Ed, Eric and Lisa S. were all there. It was good company! From there, we looked at my India pictures on the big TV, while I talked through them, which was cool. It's amazing how times have changed. 10-15 years ago, I would have been using a slide projector.

Sunday morning, we all went out to breakfast (minus Lisa, Lisa S. and Eric), and then Steve and Joan headed home. The rest of us went back to the house where the dogs played, and I went to the store to get some food and a couple other random things.... came back, watched Olympics, and played PGR3 with Lisa. I think she had fun.

Finally, I feel like crap this morning. I think between the stress and the weather, I pretty much feel awful. Not sick to the stomach or anything, just cold, stiff neck, and a scratchy throat. Fun!

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