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Miserable me, happy dog

I was miserable and cranky yesterday.  Not for any good reason, but I was anyway.  Work was frustrating, and that didn't help, but it didn't much matter.  I went to bed on time last night (after putting more water in my bed), and was hoping a good nights sleep would do me good.  However, the dog and the roommate conspired against me to make the morning terrible too.  Spencer ate a box of Ziti, which I needed for tonight, and Eric had me parked in, which made getting to work difficult.

I am guessing that the dinner party (14 people) that is occurring tonight has me a little stressed.  I generally don't cook for that many people, and I can only guess how much of a mess will be made of the house.

Speaking of Spencer, he thought it'd be cute to curl up on the cat's bed last night and go to sleep.  I wish I had a camera handy, cause it was adorable.  Thankfully, the cat wasn't on it at the same time.
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