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Back at it

Yesterday was sunny and 55, so what was I going to do, besides get back on the bike?  Well, watch an F1 race, but that's another story.  Around 3pm, Travis, Scott and I headed out.  The ride was just less than an hour, but that's not too bad for not having ridden in a while.  Stepping back about 30 minutes though, I took my bike out through the neighborhood to make sure I was wearing the right clothing (jacket, ear protect, gloves, and shorts :) ).  I was cruising around the neighborhood at a good clip, averaging 18mph for about 2 miles, which is only 6 minutes, but I was feeling pretty decent.  I did feel like I wanted to puke when I was done, but I expected that.  I felt better for the 12 mile ride through the park though. 

Anyway, during my ride(s) yesterday, besides realizing that I'm out of shape, which I expected, having not ridden in 5 months, I also realized that I really enjoy biking.  The feeling of the pavement whizzing by, the feeling of making it to the top of a hill, the rush of going down a hill at 45mph.  Granted, my butt is sore today, but that'll go away.  And there is always the fear of an accident (I've had too many already), but you clean out your wounds and get back on.  This is truly something that I am passionate about, I just wish I had know it 10 years ago.

I did try something new yesterday.  A sprint challenge.  The idea is that you are riding with other guys.  Whoever's turn it is calls out an object in the distance (fire hydrant, speed limit sign, etc) to sprint to.  The catch here is that the person calling it can't start the sprint.  Once someone else in the group starts the sprint, the caller can go.  The caller has control over the sprint by deciding when to name the object, while everyone else has control by deciding when to start.  It's great fun, and despite the fact that we only did one yesterday (we wanted to do 3), I can definitely see that as a good game.  There really isn't much like the feeling of accelerating to over 30mph on a flat road, drafting behind your friend, with your heart feeling like it's going to explode, only to pass him at the last second, to take victory (which is only bragging rights).  Good stuff.
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