What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?


So, I get a newsletter from the highlander bike tour people today. A newsletter I'm actually interested in, but that's not the point. The point is that last year, they advertised it as 3000ft of climbing, which is precisely what we trained for. They lied. It was more like 7000ft of climbing. I died, and was very annoyed (but accomplished). Well, these year, they advertise it as over 6000ft of climbing. The course has changed a little bit, so it could be correct, but boy, if only I had known.

Sadly, it's the same weekend as the marathon (ride is Saturday, run is Sunday). I don't think there is any way on this earth I could do them both in the same weekend. If they were 1-2 weeks apart, we might have had a chance. Oh well. Then again, you never know.
Tags: bike

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