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Tis a good day

Yesterday was a good day anyway. I had my meeting with Margaret about getting my Data Comm 3 grade changed from a B to an A. I got it changed.

Here are the details:
I went in there about 3:20 and Margaret was not yet out of class. So, I waited patiently. While I was waiting, Hank came over and said, "You can come back now." I was confused, but obliged. As I was standing up, he realized he was talking to the wrong person, so I sat back down. After about 5 more minutes of waiting, Margaret came back out and told me to come on back. I first told her I was there because I felt I deserved an A in the class based on the amount of work I did, compared to the team, and the effort I put forth. She commented how it would have been nice to have pluses and minuses in this case (I don't know if she would have given me a B+ or A-), but since RIT doesn't do +/-, it didn't really make a difference. I then asked her how I did compared to the overall team project, and the other team members. She said that she didn't have any concrete numbers, as the grade was purely subjective for 60% of the grade, and that I was to do my best to convince her to give me the A. So, off I went. I first asked what the project was graded as, she said it was a good solid B project, since she excluded Lonny's portion of the project from the grade, and graded the project as if only Allan and I had worked on it. I mentioned that I had done more than 1/2 the coding, and that should warrant an A if the team project was a B. She needed more convincing. So, I asked what Lonny had gotten, as she was unsure whether to give him a D or an F. She said she had given him the D, as it was hard to justify failing him. When I heard this, I knew I had an opening. I said, "Well, don't you think I did better than 2 letter grades better than Lonny?" She said, "Good point", and filled out the paperwork. So, I will now have 2 As and 2 Bs for the winter quarter, which is better than I expected, so I am pleased.

Anyway, not much is going on at this time. I think I have a Discrete 2 test on Thursday, and a parallel 2 design to snuff out. Should be fun. Eric's mother is also coming to town this weekend, just for a visit, although those plans may change before the weekend is up.

Last, but not least, it is really cold here. It was 23 when I woke up this morning, which is far too cold for the end of March, even in the city of cold weather (Rochester, NY). There averages for this time of year are about 30-50F. Oh well.

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