What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Lion King, and dinner

Yesterday, Travis and I went down to Eric's land to figure out exactly where the house and driveway were going to be. Easy enough, but it took 2 hours. Oh well. Anyway, that made me a little bit late for getting home and showering, so that we could go to dinner (Bret, Trish, Lisa and I), before going to Lion King (the play). Bret and I made reservations at a place down in Mendon, which none of us had been to. Anyway, the food was to die for. I won't mind going back there again!

On to the Lion King. After dinner, we went downtown, found parking, and headed in. The seats were in the balcony, which was cool, and the show was amazing. The costumes were pretty amazing. I couldn't believe how well the people played their parts. Zazu was funny, and well, funny. I would recommend everyone I know to go, though I think they are sold out. Being able go out with an amazing woman, good friend, for a great show is a super way to spend a Saturday evening.
Tags: lisa

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