What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

How much do I not like myself

I went running again this morning. Eric ditched me, which I actually expected, so it's okay. I ran slightly slower than I did on Tuesday, but that's because I felt terrible. My heart rate was good for the first 1/2 mile or so, and then it just went up :( Granted, my average heart rate was lower than it was Tuesday, but only by 1 beat per minute. Much of my pain and suffering is probably attributed to the fact that I rode 20miles yesterday (doing 22mph for a good 10 miles of it), rode 20 miles the day before (averaging over 17 mph), and I haven't been going to bed nearly early enough, but I really need more hours in the day.

I'll probably go riding again tonight (25 miles would be nice), because the weather is supposed to be crappy tomorrow and Saturday. I'd much rather take a rest day when it's raining than when it's sunny and 70.

In any event, I don't know how ready I'll be for the duathlon, but I'll probably attempt it anyway. The biking will be easy. The running could kill me. Of course, the corporate challenge is 2 weeks after that! I am scheduled to run 30 minutes on Saturday. I'll be interesting to see how that goes.

Despite all this, I actually feel pretty darn good, physically anyway. My percent body fat is going down. Hopefully my blood pressure is too (I should check), and I'm actually losing weight. Fancy that!
Tags: health

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