What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Extended Weekend Stuff

Thursday started like any other day.  Eric, Glen, Jason and I went down to Eric's 'in process' house after work to start running cat-5e (Ethernet) and RG-6 (coax) cables.  My drill was acting funny though, so I took over hole drilling from Glen.  Things went downhill shortly thereafter.  I managed to drill a 1" hole through a PVC pipe, and if that weren't enough, the drill caught fire moment later.  In short, not what I needed.  Eric went to the hardware store to get PVC to fix it, but of course, they didn't have any!  I went to dinner with Lisa, where I proceeded to eat too much, too late, but it was worth it, because I got to spend time with Lisa.

After the 5 hours of sleep I got Thursday night, I was a walking Zombie all day Friday.  I wasn't much for helping Eric at this point, and I was helping Scott pack stuff up anyway, since he was supposed to move in Saturday.  He fell asleep watching a soccer game (some World Cup event :D ), and instead of taking the empty queen size bed upstairs, he slept on the couch.  The fool.

Saturday morning started by taking Scott home, coming home, cleaning a bit (the bathroom ceiling was disgusting), and showered before heading to the Paychex picnic.  It was actually much nicer than I expected.  We weren't there very long though, which was okay with me, because we had a movie to get to.  X-Men 3 was showing, and I've been telling Lisa for the last month that we'd go.  The movie was short, which wasn't a bad thing, because we got some dinner and then went to a soccer game.  It was actually quite good.  From there, we headed home (in the A/C), and chilled (bad pun). 

Sunday, Scott called way too early saying he needed help at the house.  I got my lazy butt up and went over to help him, along with Lisa and Jason (truck guy).  We got a bunch of his big stuff moved, and had food before Lisa went to garden, and Scott and I went over to his brother's house (there was a pool), and I actually got some sun, food, and a nice afternoon.

Sadly, it's Monday.  The good news is, I leave for Montreal on Thursday, so long weekend!


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