What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Cranky (yesterday)

I was very cranky and irritable yesterday.  I don't know why exactly, except maybe that I couldn't get a break from anyone.  I got home late and went on a 33 mile bike ride, which I would have expected would have made me feel better, but for some reason it didn't.  I felt great while I was on the bike... well, as 'good' as one can feel while averaging 17mph for 33 miles.  (See here)

Two events from yesterday's ride stick out in my mind.  The first is when coming home, Glen needed to take a side ride (detour) due to the closure of one of the rodes.  As we peeled off to the right, I went straight.  I looked and saw him making the corner, and he actually looked like a real cyclist.  Kinda cool.  It was at this same juncture that there was a car pulling up behind us, to make the same right hand turn that Glen was making.  At this point, he decided to not try to run me over, and waited for me to get through the intersection.  Good times.

The second thing that was notable was the complete lack of cars.  Due to the sheer amount of construction going on, a bunch of the roads we road on were closed, which meant little to no traffic.  It was very nice to be able to ride down the middle of the road.

Anyway, after getting home, I was still cranky.  I think I'm better now.  Tired, but better.
Tags: bike

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