What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Floyd Landis

I don't care if you hate cycling, the French, the tour of France, or have never even heard of Floyd Landis; what he did today was nothing short of amazing. After an utterly disappointing collapse up the last climb in Wednesday stage, and losing over 11 minutes from his first place time (a number that should be unsurmountable), he came back today and won the stage. 200km in 5:23 is simply amazing. To come back from the collapse and beat his nearest competitor by over 5 minutes shows how much heart he has, and how much of a fighter he is. He is now in 3rd place, a mere 30s behind 1st place (after 70 hours on a bike, 30 seconds isn't very much). What strikes me as amazing is that most people would have given up after going from 1st to 11th place in one day. After being called a favorite, and having already put it all on the line. Landis showed that he deserves to win this race, and I plan on encouraging everyone to spend 2 hours and watch today's stage. It's truly one of the most amazing accomplishments in sports history.

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