What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
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Last weekend, I was sitting happily in my living room, doing nothing when Lisa exclaims to me, "The wallpaper is coming down.  NOW!"  Umm, ok.  So, we started removing the wallpaper from the room downstairs.  It was a little bit daunting, but we managed to get most of it down in a day.  The room at this point still needed quite a bit of work, most notable was the fact that we removed a crappy, old railing with the intent of replace it.  Now, this old railing was attached with a drywall anchor (not a good idea).  So on Tuesday, I cut a big hole in the wall, nailed up a new 2x4 and replaced the big hole, patched it and waited.  Over the next couple days, things were sanded, patched, and cleaned.  Removing the remainder of the wallpaper glue ended up taking longer than I expected, but that too got done.  Oh, and I had to remove trim in order to get a bunch of of the 2 generations old wallpaper off.  Not cool.

Saturday morning, we headed off to the paint store, where a last minute change is paint colors was made for various reasons, but the paint store isn't open Sunday, so we got the paint Saturday, painted the trim, and let it sit overnight.  Painting the trim was a trip, but that's only because there was a lot of it!

The green paint went up yesterday, and at first, I wasn't liking it at all.  It's since grown on me, and definitely looks better when the hole room is done.  I'll reevaluate it after the kitchen and Travis' room are done (and after I repaint the trim in my room).  So, in short, I like it enough to keep it for at least a little while.

Today, I'll be cleaning, I'm sure for like 4 hours, but it'll get done, and I'll be happy.


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