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1/2 over

The week is half over, and I am looking forward to a weekend. Not much planned for the weekend, I just want to relax, and not do anything for a few hours, to sleep in, read, and watch some football :). Travis and I locked in the interest rate for the house yesterday, so the closing should be scheduled soon, I am looking to have it on the 8th of October, but I can't be certain, yet. After Closing, I need to paint the one bedroom, maybe 2 of them. I am thinking of doing to a faux finishing in one of the rooms, because, well, it looks neat. I just need to figure out how to do it, and a good color scheme.

Work has been hectic, with web server issues, and trying to do a migration at the same time. I will be happy come October, when this migration is done. Right now, things are just hectic, and while it generally makes the day go faster, I am waiting long times between actually being able to get things done, as I wait for other people. Loads of fun.

I think I need to go to bed earlier tonight, I am sleepy now.

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