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Weekend's almost here.

Well, yesterday got better after lunch. I had a message in my voicemail saying my insurance company was sending me a check to cover my deductible, and I got a call from the mortgage people confirming the preferred closing date, and they said the bank has cleared us for closing. Yay! I also called the people financing my old car and told them I had gap insurance, and wanted to make sure they weren't going to come after me for the money, since it was supposed to be paid off by me by today. That's also good.

I spent a couple hours yesterday driving around looking for a copy of Time Magazine, last weeks special edition. Couldn't find it at all. After that, I came home, watched some TV and played some computer games.

I spent the rest of the evening watching Memento. It was a peculiar movie, and it definitely makes you think. It is one of those movies that even after watching it, you aren't really sure if you figured out what is going on. The movie really makes you appreciate such common day items as your memory.

I should actually resolve a few problems here at work today too, yippie!

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