What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Ok, the long story...

Yesterday I was cranky about work, nothing to do with today... today though.

This url will be helpful for the following: http://huckleberryroad.photoreflect.com

Over the weekend, I was 1/2 of the team that did a photo shoot at a dance recital. A bunch of the pictures came out really well. A few of them came out less than ok. I wasn't too concerned, considering that we weren't paid for the shoot, but could charge for the pictures. Anyway, since this was a last minute thing, and I had no place to put the pictures up, we came up with a vendor (http://photoreflect.com) to do the hosting for us. Not knowing how the software worked, or any such thing, I came up with a random list of prices for prints, and created a temporary gallery (the India one).

I spent the last 3 days doing post processing on the pictures, and finally posted them last night. The problem? I didn't adjust the pricing structure. So, basically, I'm overcharging everyone, not offering the right packages, and have the incorrect shipping. I had already created the new structure, but forgot to update the site. Of course, we already got an order. People are looking at the site, and of course, the prices are outrageous right now. To top it off, I can't fix it till I get home.


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