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It just won't go away

I still have this blasted cold. I though it was all gone, but I woke up this morning, and pretty much couldn't breathe. My nose has been running all day, my head is stuffed up. At least I don't have parallel tonight. Of course, I will be working on parallel, since I have the project proposal due on Monday. I am leaning toward doing something distributed, as it will be easier to work on, though I am not sure what, yet.

In other news, the silly people who were making my class ring decided to charge me for it last Thursday, but decided not to ship it until last night. Not sure why. In addition, I ordered a new DVD-ROM drive from Access Micro and I ordered it to have it shipped 2nd day air. Well, apparently they didn't like 2nd day air, cause they shipped it UPS ground. I hate UPS, for many reasons, and I REALLY hate UPS ground. I can only hope that the drive will show up in one piece. So, all in all, it has been pretty lousy going. The class ring should arrive sometime on Thursday, but no one will be home to sign for it, and I won't be able to get it until Friday, since I have a dinner/reception to go to for Jennie, since apparently she is really smart :). Although, if I feel awful again tomorrow, I will probably work from home, which may be good, as then I don't need to wear a suit to work, but it is always nice to be able to wear a suit to work. Oh, the problems I face.

My discrete 2 test got pushed back until Tuesday, which I am only slightly happy about, because if we had the test, I probably would have gotten out of class early, and been to the ceremony for Jennie on time. Since we will have a full class, I will be about 45 minutes late for the ceremony, but I should still be able to make the reception or dinner. Since I already ordered my dinner, that would be good.

I'm hungry now, so I think I need to find some lunch... somewhere....

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