What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Week in review

Friday before last (Jan 11th), I drove down to PA to see my mom, with Lisa, Travis and Carley.  I sat in the back seat for the trip doing work (yay for EVDO wireless cards).  Anyway, I wasn't in a very comfortable seat, and I was looking at a computer screen for 4 hours.  Not in itself bad.  Once we got to PA, Spencer went into the house and we were taking stuff inside.  He immediately bolted and ran around for a good 20 minutes, almost getting hit by a car several times (he was standing on the yellow line of a main road as a car went by on either side).  I was in my dress shoes and was my muscles were a little cold after sitting for 4 hours.  We finally got him corralled and into the house safe and sound.  That night, I slept on an air mattress, and nearly froze, so I wasn't real comfortable.

Onto the next morning... I woke up and could barely move :(  I had completely thrown my back out, and of course, Sunday I was due to drive 300 miles back to NY.  I made the trip w/o much problem, but by Tuesday of last week, I could barely move again, and I couldn't rotate my head at all.  I made several trips to the chiropractor, because there was no muscle damage, but everything hurt. 

I am finally feeling a bit better, though not 100%.  Who thought that getting old would be so bad?

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