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Idiot Realtor + Closing = Stress * 2

So, my half-wit realtor forgot to give the mortgage company the new price for the house, so the bank was going to give us too much money, which they don't like doing, because they want the entire price to go to the house, so I spent way too much time yesterday trying to resolve problems. The good news is that closing is still on, and I need less for closing than I thought. I don't yet know where the appliances figure into the price, if that is an additional cost, or if we pay the sellers directly. Who knows.

We went to the final walkthrough last night, and everything looked good, and they are leaving the nice shower curtain, and the really nice window treatments. I just need to figure out how I am going to arrange everything. Either way, closing is just a few hours away, at which time I will be a proud homeowner, yippie!

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