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Here we go again

Well, it is Monday, yet again. I had a pretty productive weekend, although I think I need to install the LiveJournal client at home so I can do updates over the weekend. Note to self, install a LJ client. I am not feeling too well this morning, my stomach is bother me (slightly nauseated), so if I don't feel better by noon, I am going home.

So, Saturday was fun. I went to 2 home improvement stores (Lowes, and Home Depot), and I actually got home improvement stuff. It used to be that I would go to the hardware store, and get things like tape, or a screwdriver, or something, but not this time. I managed to get everything I need to paint a room (I hope), which includes a drop cloth, paint tray, rollers, brushes, edging tool, paint, ladder, rubber mallet, and other things, I'm sure. I feel like I am a real homeowner now that I bought a ladder. It was on sale too, which makes it that much cooler. I spent the rest of Saturday hanging out with Travis, actually wanting to paint the bedroom, but I can't, just yet.

I watched some football yesterday, and the Eagles game was fun to watch, which is always the case when the beat up on Dallas. That's about all exciting that happened yesterday.

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