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Title, bugs and insurance.

Well, for some reason, I received the title for my Sentra in the mail yesterday, which is strange, since it was supposed to go to the insurance company. That's all well and good, but the insurance company wants it. I got a call from them this morning asking if I had received it, so I now have an address to send it to. Not that it does me a lot of good. After the insurance guy called me, I remembered that I had given a deposit to the Nissan of Erie people, so I called them to get it back. It is always good to have money back. Hopefully that is the last I will have to deal with the claims side of my insurance company, not that it was bad, just not on the top of my list of 'fun' things to do.

So, after I got a call from that insurance guy, I called my local agent to cancel my renter's insurance, since I won't be needing that anymore. I told them I wanted to cancel it, and she called me back a few minutes later asking if Travis wanted to cancel his renter's insurance. Since he doesn't have renter's insurance through them, the answer was no. It turns out that they were going to cancel his auto insurance, which would be bad, funny, in a morbid sort of way, but funny.

I have spent the day trying to fix bugs, but with little luck, which is why I decided to make a journal entry.

I get to help Travis load his vehicle full of stuff to take to Jennie tomorrow, yeah!

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