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Where has the time gone?

It is Friday, a little after 10am. How I got here, I am not sure. It has been a busy morning. It was nice and pleasant until I checked my email, and everyone had a problem, and expected me to fix it. The good news is that I have fixed 2 of the problems, and I am waiting on someone else for a 3rd one. Of course, everyone wanted everything done right away, so I was busy all morning, and the time just flew by. Of course, it will probably be slow for the rest of the day, as I wait for people to get back to me.

Packed up Travis' truck last night for stuff he is taking down to Pittsburgh, for Jennie. It wouldn't have been too bad, except that we were putting the tarp on when it rained. I got wet because of this. I'm dry now though :)

I remembered last night that I need a new nightstand, as my current one is blah, and peach colored. I think I got this covered, since Target has one that looks pretty decent. I want to get this before I move in, since I have a water bed, it is not an easy thing to rearrange a room.

Hopefully the weekend will be uneventful.

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