What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

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  • 08:32 What a morning. Is it time for Monday night football yet? Oh wait, too much crap to do first. #
  • 08:46 Forgot the CEO was coming to town today. woopsy. #
  • 09:32 Trying to figure out why not everyone has upgraded to something other than IE6. #
  • 10:42 @xxdesmus except the computer isn't as cool as a macbook. #
  • 10:46 @xxdesmus I would agree, if I could get my XPS to go for more than a month without blue screening. #
  • 10:47 iPhone meeting reminder scared the crap out of me. Note to self, turn the volume down. #
  • 10:51 @xxdesmus Every bluescreen I get is a hardware issue, not software. Dell refuses to fix it though, always telling me to reinstall Windows. #
  • 10:52 @xxdesmus Not usually, no. #
  • 11:04 Oh, and for all you non-believes, I was able to watch the baseball game WITH the g/f last night. She even asked me this morning who won! #
  • 13:21 Looking for interesting twitter-folk while I wait for my computer. #
  • 13:52 For various reasons, I'd rather NOT go to toastmasters tonight. #
  • 14:27 At hochstein for a meeting. snipurl.com/4je5s #
  • 14:30 @randyaa you and kurt at Hochstein snipurl.com/4jec0 #
  • 14:33 @randyaa better picture snipurl.com/4jegu #
  • 16:23 @npike me and @randyaa, anyone else? #
  • 21:46 Presents and beer. snipurl.com/4ju6o #
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