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Painting is done.

I had quite the adventures yesterday. It all started around 8:30am when I went over to the house and started painting again. Taped all the windows and started on the trim. It was apparent from the get go that more than 1 coat would be necessary to cover the pink. Well, Travis and I finished painting around 2, and the faux (silly French) finish looks really cool. After we painted, we went up to my place to get the TV, and my bed. We wanted to test the cable when it got hooked up, and I wanted my waterbed to be warm when I moved in. I didn't fill the bed yet, but hopefully today.

Anyway, we got some pizza for dinner, and just after we got it, the cable guy showed up. He was there for a couple hours because he ran a new line from the box and into the basement. After he left, Travis and I began to fish a new cable to where we wanted it. To do this, I had to crawl around the attic (not fun), and Travis cut his finger on a carpet tack. We finally got the cable run, and have some fish lines to run the ethernet. There is a big antenna in the attic though, and it looks to be from the original owners, as there is a tag that says, "This antenna suitable for Black and White TV only.

I got my bed mostly set up, and the room is looking really sharp. I just need blinds and some sort of curtain. The ones in my rooms are pink :(. The other ones need some help too, as they can't be opened and closed, and I like to be able to open my windows the entire way, so hopefully Joan and Alice can help with that.

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