What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

All moved

I managed to get everything moved on Saturday, well, all my stuff anyway. Travis wasn't quite as well prepared, and there is still some stuff over at his place, but nothing big. Having Eric come up to help was really nice, so there were 5 people total moving, Me, Travis, Eric, Chris and Tony. We got all my stuff moved out of Tony's and into the new place by 10am, and everything that we wanted to move out of Travis' place was done by 1 or 2. Didn't do a whole lot of unpacking Saturday because I was pretty well exhausted and that is what I had the rest of the weekend for.

Everything is pretty well in place now and cleaned up, except that I still don't have blinds on my windows, and the den needs some help. That isn't a big deal though, since my desk is still empty. I plan on unpacking that this evening, and then watching some football, since I was too busy yesterday to watch much of it. I need to rewire the phone system in the house though, because it is just awful. I need to borrow Tony's punch down tool though. Should be a busy evening.

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