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I am such an idiot

I have been trying for 2 days to get a program of mine running, and it was taking forever to do anything useful (more than 6 hours). I thought it was just slow, but no, I was trying to read a 210mb file off a SLOW network drive, that also has issues staying connected. It is running MUCH faster now that have the database on my local machine.

So, last evening, Travis and I went to get a new deadbolt lock for the back door, since we don't have a key for it. We got to Lowe's and found out they will rekey a lock for $5. Good deal, so we waited for about 30 minutes for them to rekey it, to no avail. We should be able to pick it up today, and I will once again be able to lock my back door.

I also went to Comp USA to pick up a new game, I booted up my computer to find out it wasn't booting, something broke, so I reinstalled everything. I then installed the game in Windows XP to find out it doesn't work (maybe I should try compatibility mode). Anyway, I tried to boot into 98, and it was all I could do to get my mouse to work, and I needed to find my mouse software, and win98 CD, and video card drivers, but I FINALLY got win98 working, installed the game and played till later than I should have, and the morning was rough.

Parking was fun this morning, there is a big convention, and parking is tough. Most of the people in front of me were arguing with the attendant about not being allowed in the garage. So far, I have been here 45 minutes and it's already been stressful. It will get better though.

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