What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Playing with sharp instruments

I finally got my class ring yesterday. It is very nice. I also went to get my haircut. A gentleman named Santo cut it, since Karen (my usual person doesn't work Friday). He isn't very talkative, but he did a nice job with cutting my hair. He scared me a bit when he pulled out the straight edge razor to trim around my ears and the neckline. Glad I didn't have to sneeze :).

Eric, his mom and I went out to Dinosaur BBQ for dinner. We got some wings for an appetizer. They were extremely good. And HUGE. It was cold out last night though, which made going out unpleasant, but it IS Rochester, after all.

I spent most of the day work on my Java homework, and doing some Discrete 2 homework. I spent 45 minutes staring at one of the problems trying to figure out what it meant. After that, I guessed. We'll see. I have several tests this week that I need to study for too. That's be fun.

I helped Travis hang a new antenna for his ham radio for a bit this afternoon. Maybe this one won't break. Speaking of Travis, he is trying to put 2 sound cards in his computer, and is having a heck of a time trying to get it to work. He has tried a couple different combinations, but all of the cards have been from Creative Labs, so that may be a problem, from what I have read. Hope he get's it working, soon.

Eric's mom is making dinner for us. Manicotti, some salads, appetizers, and lots of other good stuff. She also made some chicken pasta and stromboli for us and we froze that. Should be a good week of eating :). Time to get back to work/help Travis with his sound card problems.

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