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Time for an update.

Yesterday was pretty decent. I got home from work, and the neighbor across the street introduced himself. He seems to be a heavy smoker, but a nice guy. He gave us the lowdown on a bunch of our other neighbors. That was nice of him. It is interesting how when you have a house, the neighbors are all much nicer and you say hi to them, etc, but not so much with apartments. Sure, you know the people, but it isn't really the same.

Anyway, shortly after he left, Matt came over, and shortly after that, Scott came over. We played some video games, and shortly after Matt left, Tony came over. He hasn't checked his mail since I left, so I reminded him that it might be a good idea. Tony, Travis and I got some food, and then watched The Mask of Zorro. Tony needs to get me a subwoofer.

Work is dull today, a bunch of the people I need to talk to are out today, which makes things difficult. I think I need to go home and sleep, I have a headache coming on. (I don't mean go home now, just early).

I am also hungry. I am thinking of a snickers bar, or kit kat.

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