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It's another Monday

It's Monday again. I spent Friday relaxing and watching a movie, nothing too exciting. Nothing too exciting.

Saturday was busy. Travis and I went to his old place on Saturday morning and cleaned it up a bunch, and threw out a ton of stuff. Cleaning out his basement was a trip. I managed to fill up the dumpster pretty good. After that, we moved a desk to Tony's, so there isn't a whole lot left in Travis' old place anymore. I still think he needs to clean out his fridge though. We spent most of the afternoon traveling around looking for stuff. In the end, Travis ended up getting an 80lb punching bad. He says that it is better than beating up on me :). I went to bed kind of early Saturday night, seeing how I was exhausted.

My dad showed up yesterday. Made some dinner, watched football, did some yard work. Nothing too terribly exciting. I realized I am missing a cable for my computer though, so I ordered a new one last night. I am sure the old one will turn up the day the new one arrives.

A calzone for lunch sounds good, now I just need to decide on Pepperoni and Mushroom or Pepperoni and Sausage....

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