What Can Brown Do For You? (jeremyb) wrote,
What Can Brown Do For You?

Tweets, one day at a time

  • 07:26 Good morning twitterfolk.
  • 09:01 As if this morning hasn't already been annoying enough, I also get the pager this week. blarg.
  • 09:47 I am pretty sure my mac gets more updates than Windows... which require a reboot.
  • 10:05 to get Oregon Trail for the iphone or not....
  • 13:13 looking forward to trying double dark cream porter on cask at @TapandMallet after toastmasters tonight.
  • 17:07 Everyone on my floor is gone. They are smarter than me.
  • 20:19 Elysian immortal IPA is tasty. twitpic.com/2630i
  • 20:20 At tap and mallet.
  • 20:49 Really dark beer twitpic.com/263zr
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