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So far so good.

I was up till 5am last night (this morning) playing computer games online with Matt. It was fun, therefore, it was worth it. I woke up about 10am this morning and then laid in bed for another 45 minutes, hoping to get back to sleep, I couldn't, so I got up. Travis was out picking up a lawn-mower from Tony, so I cleaned up a bit. The mower was full of gas, so I started. I did about a row and realized it was set too low, so I raised it, and now I have a strip of really short grass, oh well. I got 99.9% done with the front and the mower ran out of gas. I went to Lowes to get a gas can, and then some gas. Came back and then we bagged all the leaves that were in piles in the back, since they apparently don't do leaf collection around here. Finally, the lawn is mowed, and it looks much better. Just took a shower, and now I need to go get stuff to make dinner, since Bret is coming over. Should be fun, hope I can stay awake.

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