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Is it Monday already?

Yup, looks like a Monday. I don't know where the weekend went. Well, I do, and it wasn't to sleeping. Oh well. I spent most of yesterday doing things I planned for the weekend, like reprogramming my remote, and recatalogging the DVDs, and working (yuck). I also watched some football games. The end of the bears game was spectacular. Down by 14 with 32 seconds left and they WIN. That was fun to watch. The Pittsburgh kicker, on the other hand, lost that game for them.

Work today has been going well. I got another Enflex server up and running, and I have a little tweaking to do, but it is going well, and I actually didn't spend too much time doing it. I must know what I'm doing, or something. The other project is going well too. The disc is supposed to go gold at the end of this week, and go out to customers by the end of the month. Cool.

It is cool here today, and windy, which isn't too usual, although I am looking forward to spring again.

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