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Need sleep

I went over to Tony's last night and played some cards, instead of sleeping. I won though, which means I didn't have to pay for dinner. Cool. There were a ton of deer out on the way home, although I didn't hit any of them, so that's good. I slept in a bit this morning, but nothing that makes it any easier to stay awake. I haven't had much caffeine recently, which is probably why I am tired. It's not good that I am tired, but it is good that my caffeine intake has decreased. I read somewhere that the 1/2 life of caffeine in the body is 6 hours, so if you have 10mg of caffeine at noon, there will still be 5mg at 6pm, and 2.5mg at midnight, and there will still be some the next morning, and it just keeps building up. Interesting fact.

I am supposed to be doing a peer review (2 actually) for some coworkers. I am not looking forward to this, especially the 2nd one, since I have only working with the guy for a month. Oh well. In other work related news, I think I got all my servers up and running the way they are supposed to be. It seems to get easier every time, although I think this is the last one :|

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