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Fun/Busy weekend

My weekend was fun and busy, and coincidently, short. I didn't do too much on Friday, except watch some TV programs that I had missed through the week. I spent part of Saturday doing the same thing, and grocery shopping. I got mad at Travis too, because he went to lunch and didn't tell me. Had I known, I would've gotten my own lunch while he was out. Anyway, that doesn't matter much now.

Friday evening my mom and Joan got to town. We went out to dinner at Ruby Tuesday, which was crowded. While we were waiting, mom and I went to Home Depot to look at some blinds. After dinner we got some fabric for curtains. After all the stores had closed, we came back and watched Shrek. I thought it was pretty decent, lots of subtle humor. Anyway, since we watched a movie, I ended up staying up late, and sleeping in a bit on Sunday.

Sunday we went and got blinds and a fan for the bathroom. The fan was a trip to replace, but at least we now have a fan that sucks air, the last one was a bit slow. I hung up my blinds without too much difficulty. Joan spent most of the day working on the curtains. Travis and I also installed a new humidifier on the furnace, which was an interesting project, but I don't feel like explaining right now.

Only 7 more hours today!

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