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Recap of T-Day

Well, I guess we need to go back to Wednesday. I got let out of work early and didn't do much for the rest of the day. As a matter of fact, I don't remember what I did, so it can't be too important. I stayed up late though.

Thursday Travis and I went to feed Peaches the cat, and then we went over to Matt's sister for some Turkey, and games, etc. His family was nice, and the games were fun, except that I lost. We left around 6 or so, fed Peaches the cat again, and went home. We were tired. I watched some football, and then played some computer games.

Friday I loafed around, got my TiVo operational again, and we went to dinner at Rohrbach's. We both had Caribbean steak. Very tasty. After that, we fed Peaches. This cat eats too much. I think I also caught up on some TV I missed throughout the week.

Saturday I ventured to the hardware store to get some Christmas lights for outside. I didn't get enough though, and will have to get some more later this week. The ones that I did get up look nice though, at least I think they do. When we got back, Bret, Scott and Corey came over and we played games until the weee hours of the morning. It was fun though. I missed a lacrosse game though, since people showed up late, but Bret bought dinner, so that sort of makes up for it.

This morning I forgot to turn my alarm clock back on, so I was a bit late getting up, and got stuck behind a school bus on the way in. I think I need another vacation...

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