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I didn't make a post yesterday, probably because I didn't have anything to say, or more likely, because I couldn't get to LiveJournal to make a post. I didn't do too much on Wednesday. I can't really remember anything I did, so it can't be too important.

Yesterday, Bret and I beat Halo, which was a challenge, on the easy setting. The last scene was difficult because we had to drive an obstacle course in < 6 minutes. Bret isn't the best video game driver :) but he was fun to play with.

Today is Kristy appreciation lunch. She is the incredibly smart/motivated coop. I will be sorry to see her go.

I am glad the weekend is here, I want to sleep a lot, especially since we have been having dreary weather. Warm, but dreary. For the first in time in recorded history, Rochester hasn't had any measurable snowfall in the month of November. I think we are going to pay for it in March though :)

The Eagles won! Yippie.

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