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What a weekend

Friday night, Eric made it over. He was a bit earlier than I expected, so we hung out for a while, when Travis went to dinner, and we got some Nick's plates for dinner. We came back, watched a movie. I went to bed a bit late, but nothing too bad. I slept in on Saturday, since Travis stuffed the turkey and put it in the oven. I played games for a bit, and the FedEx man came to deliver (insert name here)'s present. The food was good, but a bit late. I put on some movies before dinner, and people seemed to enjoy it.

Sunday I slept in WAY too late, and Eric was getting ready to leave when I got up. He was going to PA to make some cookies with his mom. I decided that I wanted to make some cookies too, so I sent Travis out to pick up stuff to make sour cream cookies (yum). Making those was fun, though the beater is a little worse for wear. I watched some football yesterday (Go Eagles). I managed to drink a glass of milk that had been sitting out for a while though (I did this last night), so I am not feeling too good today. I will probably go home early if nothing serious comes up.

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