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The sump pump works

I went into the basement yesterday to get boo-boo, because one of his hard drives died, and I heard water running. I look in the sump pump hole, and lo-and-behold, there is water going in. A few minutes later, the sump pump kicks on and expels the water, which is good. It has been raining for the last week or so, so I can't say I'm surprised to see water there. The basement was dry except for sump pump though, so I guess it's doing it's job.

I still don't know the plan for this weekend, as Travis may need to work on the 24th if his project doesn't get done in time.

Work is stressful right now, since Don is on vacation, I have to do all his work, yuck. I guess I get to grin and bear it, as they say.
... Speaking of work....

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