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Back to work

I haven't updated in a while, mostly because I've been out on holiday or busy at work. Work has been busy with lots of 'fixes' needed before the end of the year. Today is really slow though. I am the only one here on my entire floor. I can either get a lot done today, or very little.

Anyway, the holiday was good. Saw my uncle, my grandparents, and my mom and dad. It was nice to spend time with them. Unfortunately, Travis needed to work Monday, so we didn't get to spend a lot of time there. My mom seems happy with her garage door opener, which is excellent. Travis got a nice socket set (well, 2 of them actually). I got a nice fleece, which I wear pretty much all the time around the house now.

It rained most of the way back to Rochester, which wasn't too bad, since traffic was light, and my car handled fine in the rain. Otherwise, the trip back was uneventful.

Yesterday, I exchanged gifts with Travis. I have him his tonno (sic) cover, and we put that on. We couldn't get all the buttons snapped though, since the vinyl is still tight, and it was cold out (thus not stretching). We tried to put his truck in the garage, but like I have said all along, it doesn't fit (it's about 18" too long). We were trying to put it there to warm up the vinyl. I guess we just need to wait till a warm day...

I spent most of yesterday loafing around listening to Christmas music. It was good. The work week is short, which is good as well. Time to read email, et al.

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