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Going slow

Things are going pretty slow in general right now (except for the weekend). The weekend always go too fast. Travis and I put together the new boo-boo this weekend. That was pretty easy going, and the machine is fast again. Dual Athlons are nice.

I went to BJs this weekend and got a few things, nothing too exciting though.

My dad is up for the week, since the guy he works with will be out on disability for 6+ months, dad decided to come visit us now.

I am supposed to go skiing sometime this week with Tony. Since I planned this, I went out and bought a new pair of super warm gloves (that match my coat), and a hat (that matches my coat :) ). So will be matching all around, except for the skis, which are red. Close enough though.

Nothing huge planned for the week, except skiing. It snowed this morning, but not enough to make it worthwhile. I'm sure we'll get pounded eventually.

Back to work...

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