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3 more mornings

3 more mornings left this week before I can sleep in again.

I am supposed to go skiing with Tony sometime this week, but he currently isn't feeling too well, so we will see when that happens.

My meeting yesterday at work was too long, and I felt like falling asleep, though I didn't, I don't think. I am getting my own project to lead though, which is kind of cool, and I am having my formal review on Wednesday. I got the preliminary copy yesterday, and review it, and it is what I expected, so I can't complain much. Overall, I did well... we will just have to see what the raise is.

Travis did some impressive stuff with boo-boo yesterday, making it do real-time reencoding of songs to be able to allow more people to listen. Seems to work pretty well.

I think I need to go get some caffeine before the cafeteria closes for breakfast. This cloudy dreary weather makes it difficult to stay awake sometimes.

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