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More computer problems

It seems that my drive got screwed up (thanks Audiograbber). So, I backed up all my data, and started reinstalling my OSs. Fun stuff. I got win98 installed, and am working on win2k now, winxp tomorrow, and linux probably over the weekend. Generally it's all a pain, but it needs to get done. At least I still have the laptop (thanks work).

Speaking of work. I have been trying to get InstallShield 6.1 to work for my project, and it isn't going too well. I tried working on it at home, but it looks like InstallShield is looking for some files on the network, and I don't have the network when I am not at work, so, I guess I know what I will be doing tomorrow, when I am not at meetings.

The Java test went pretty well today. I am not a compiler though, so I pretty much hate the questions that ask "will this work", but I studied hard for it, and think I did well. I should be getting my Discrete 2 test back tomorrow. I don't know how well I did on that one, not too bad, I don't think, but we'll have to wait and see. I am not too worried though, since I keep getting A's on the homeworks.

The Rochester area code change announcement happens tomorrow. Yeah.

I started reading a book, Plum Island, which I have gotten a mere 30 pages into, but it is pretty good. I read The Lion's Game last spring, which was really good, and is the book after this one... so, I am apparently reading them backwards. Oh well.

Nothing much else happening in around here. Once again I am up too late and will be regretting it in the morning, but oh well, my computer doesn't fix itself.

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